February 7, 2012

Penguins and Polar Bears

It has been a while since I have posted! Sorry! We have been very busy learning about penguins and polar bears and I have forgotten my camera. (BOO!) I do have pictures of what we did together as a class (YAY!) Enjoy!

Two weeks ago we learned all about penguins. The first day we talked about our schema of penguins. During the week we read a few nonfiction texts. We also watched about 20 minutes of "March of the Penguins" each morning instead of doing our usual normal morning work. After reading and watching the movie we would discuss our new learning and our misconceptions. Each day we wrote a new nonfiction fact during some guided writing. To finish up the week we made one of my favorite projects. I got the idea from a great teacher while I was doing mini-internships in college.

Polar Bears
Last week we focused on Polar Bears and how animals camouflage in the snow. We were able to watch some great clips. During the week we added to our can-have-are chart. At the end of the week we were so lucky - we went on a virtual field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo to talk with a zookeeper about Polar Bears! We were lucky to learn for 45 minutes and the kiddos loved every minute of it! At the end of the week we did an adorable polar bear craft that I found somewhere in blogland! Thank you to whoever gave me the great idea! (They have pink and purple bows so I can leave them up for a little bit in February!)

January 15, 2012

Welcome, Nursery Rhyme Day, and Snowman Craft!

Welcome to my blog! I will admit that I have been a blog stalker since I discovered blogs this summer. I have found SO many great ideas! I would love to share some ideas of my own! Thanks for stoppping by!

Nursery Rhyme Day!
Friday was our Nursery Rhyme Celebration Day! Since the beginning of the year we have been learning one Nursery Rhyme a week. We have done a lot of activities with each Nursery Rhyme. On Friday my kiddos had to say the title, say the Nursery Rhyme, and bring in a prop. Some of my kiddos had a little more help than others, but I was glad that they brought in something! Here are a few!

Hey Diddle Diddle!
 Hickory Dickory Dock!
 Little Bo Peep! (Poor Little Bo Peep was lost instead of her sheep!)

Shaving Cream Snowmen!
Earlier in the week we made our own shaving cream snowmen. We mixed together shaving cream and glue. I love how they turned out because the students did all of the work by themselves! They drew their own circles for the snowmen then spread the shaving cream and glue with the back of a spoon. After that they put on the hat, nose, scarf, and buttons. I used black foam for the hat, orange pipe cleaners for the nose, ribbon for the scarf, and beads for the buttons. We let the snowmen dry for about two days before we painted on the stick arms and coal smile. I love how they turn out! We will be doing a writing activity soon where the students describe their snowmen using color and number words!

Thanks for visiting my very new blog! And thank you to my first follower - Louanne- you inspired me to write my first post! (I had created my blog before the New Year)